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Mahjong Hand Score Memorizer


This is an application aiming to memorize all hand scores in Japanese Mahjong rule (Riichi Mahjong), by solving quiz repeatedly. In the quiz, you should answer the score of the hand by a given pair of Han and Fu. The difficulty of the quiz increases step-by-step. Also, you can refer the correct answer every time after you submit your answer.Assumptions:- This application is designed for Japanese Mahjong players who already have fundamental knowledge on the rules, and doesn't provide any information on the rules except for the hand score table. If you don't know how to calculate Han and Fu by a given hand, this application doesn't help you a lot and you'll need to learn the rule first.
- This application supports only Japanese. (However, you can still use this application since the most important information in quiz are Han and Fu, which are number!)